Outreach and Program Coordinator

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Outreach Coordinator

Position Summary

We have found an increase in client needs since the pandemic to include more referrals to community resources, additional time, and support needed in our JIW program as the girls have requested additional support from their mentors, and we have had a significant increase in the demand for our parenting education program. Member will assist in various roles to include support with programming and implantation for all three programs, support with virtual meetings ( taking attendance, assisting with the technology portions as well as co-facilitation), research to connect families to the correct resources. The NHC member will assist with our three programs, with majority of programming support being with the Journey Into Womanhood program that serves girls in grades 3rd-12th grade.  

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • The member will assist with our three programs which are the Journey Into Womanhood program, Parenting Education Seminars, and Life Skills workshops. In addition, they will help support with some small administrative duties not to exceed 15% of the assigned activities.
  • The member will assist with day-to-day programming for our three programs. In this role with member will assist with program implementation with the use of both our internal curriculum and external curriculum to outline a lesson plan, secure resource speakers, process applications and paperwork of program participants, pull data and research for program development, attend community meetings, acquire and manage program equipment, materials/supplies and facilities, maintain participation and attendance throughout the year via recruitment and retention activities, assist with ensuring expectations relating to grant objectives and reporting processes are met, research and align effective program partnerships and collaborations to ensure that partner expectations are met, check emails daily to ensure that program updates and communications are reviewed and responded to in a timely manner, assist with the development of mentors, travel occasionally to off-site meetings, trainings and events and perform other duties as assigned.
  • Within our Journey Into Womanhood program we have two topics that address physical activity and the improvement of nutrition 1) Health & Fitness: Focuses on the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and 2) Food & Nutrition: Focuses on learning healthy eating habits and selecting nutritious foods. We invite community partners to present on these two topics to address healthy lifestyles, living, and childhood obesity. Another JIW topic that is in line with the National Health Corps’ mission is drug prevention. The girls in the JIW program are educated around drugs, alcohol, and nicotine to also include prescription drugs and opioid use. As we continue navigate the pandemic as an organization we continue to follow CDC recommendations as well as educate the families we serve on COVID-19 education, awareness, prevention, and how to deal with the emotional factors related to COVID-19. The NHC member will assist with securing presenters on said topics as well as co-facilitating workshops on said topics and connecting families with additional resources if needed around these topics.

Knowledge Required for the Position