NHC is now accepting applications for Service Year 2021 positions!
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About NHC's Application Process

We enthusiastically welcome applicants with a variety of backgrounds and experiences!

Most NHC members apply April through August, and serve a 1,700 hour service term over 42-46 weeks that begins on August 30, 2021. NHC Delaware members will have a 1,200 hour service term over 30-33 weeks that begins in May 2021. However, NHC may have some positions open throughout the year, so it’s possible to apply at any point in the year.

Application Process

We hope you decide to apply to serve with National Health Corps! If you do, the application process goes like this:

  • Complete our 10-question application to see if you are a potential match for NHC. All questions but one are multiple choice.  No resume necessary!
  • If you are a potential match for NHC based on your application responses, you will be notified immediately and receive a reference form (we ask for a minimum of two references) and position interest form. You can select up to three NHC locations where you may want to serve and up to two positions per location. NHC positions vary widely.
    • You can learn more about available NHC positions here, and learn more about each of NHC's program locations here
  • Once you submit your reference and position interest forms, you will be contacted to schedule and conduct a phone or video interview with one of our NHC staff members.
  • After the interview, you will receive an email letting you know if you have been recommended to move on in the NHC member selection process.
  • If you are selected to move forward with the process after your first interview, NHC staff from all the locations you expressed interest in will contact you to schedule and conduct conversations about your positions of interest. These conversations are not interviews. At this point, you have already been determined to meet the basic NHC qualifications. These conversations are opportunities for you to ask questions and for NHC staff to determine if you could be a match for the specific positions/host sites you applied for, or if perhaps there are other positions/host sites that may be a better fit.
  • After these conversations, you will be contacted by staff at host sites to schedule an interview, or you will be notified if you have not been selected to interview with a particular host site. 
  • After host site interviews, you will receive an email within two weeks noting any positions offers. Candidates who are not selected to interview with or are not matched with a host site will be placed on NHC's waiting list. 
  • You will have three calendar days to accept or decline any offers you receive.
  • If you accept, NHC staff will reach out to begin the NHC onboarding process, which will include confirming your eligibility to serve with the program. 

Recruitment Timeline

NHC recruits members on a rolling basis. Below is the recruitment timeline for all NHC locations, except Delaware. If you are applying to NHC Delaware, see below for a different timeline.

Wave 1: (candidates who apply between April 12 - April 18)

April 12 - April 18: Application Submissions and Interview Scheduling

April 19 - April 30: Interviews Conducted

April 20 - May 3: Conversations about Positions of Interest Scheduled

May 4 - May 18: Conversations about Positions of Interest

May 5 - May 21: Host Site Interviews

May 26 - May 28: Candidate Notification of Offers (Round 1)

June 14 - June 16: Candidate Notification of Offers (Round 2)

Wave 2: (candidates who apply between April 19 and April 25)

April 19 - April 25:  Application Submissions and Interview Scheduling

April 26 - May 7: Interviews Conducted

April 27 - May 10: Conversations about Positions of Interest Scheduled

May 11 - May 25: Conversations about Positions of Interest

May 12 - May 28: Host Site Interviews 

June 2 - June 4: Candidate Notification of Offers (Round 1)

June 16 - June 18: Candidate Notification of Offers (Round 2)

Wave 3 (candidates who apply between April 26 and May 2)

April 26 - May 2:  Application Submissions and Interview Scheduling 

May 3 - May 14: Interviews Conducted

May 4 - May 17: Conversations about Positions of Interest Scheduled

May 18 - June 1: Conversations about Positions of Interest

May 19 - June 4: Host Site Interviews 

June 9 - June 11: Candidate Notification of Offers (Round 1)

June 28 - June 30: Candidate Notification of Offers (Round 2)

Wave 4 and later: 

Selection schedule to be determined in late June 2021. 

Future wave dates will be updated periodically if slots are still open!

NHC Delaware Recruitment Timeline

NHC Delaware is reviewing applications and scheduling interviews with eligible candidates on a rolling basis until all current member positions are full. Program staff will typically contact candidates who are selected for a first interview within about two weeks of application submission. Candidates who have questions about their application status may contact NHC Director Tonya Richardson at