What is a "host site"?

A host site is an organization that has partnered with NHC to provide a service opportunity for one or more NHC members. Host sites are generally organizations with a health focus or a need for health-focused activities, and are often health centers, hospitals, or community-based public health organizations. Host sites recognize the value that NHC members can bring to their organization and community, and invest time and resources into giving members a meaningful experience so members can bring their best to their service activities. 

What will my schedule be as an NHC member?

Most NHC members serve for 1,700 hours over a 42-46-week term. NHC Delaware members serve for 1,300 hours over a 30-33 week term. Hours vary depending on the host site where each member is placed, but most service usually occurs during normal business hours. Members also earn service hours for participating in member meetings, trainings, member-led committees, and service opportunities outside of their host sites. These opportunities sometimes happen on evenings or weekends. 

Can I finish my service early, before the 42-46 weeks are over?

Members are expected to serve for the entire contracted term of 42-46 weeks (30-33 weeks for NHC Delaware). Agreements are made with host sites to have a full-time member for the entire term of service to fulfill program needs. If a member plans on finishing early, this should be addressed before service begins. Members who finish early without making prior arrangements may not receive their entire living allowance or education award.

Who will I be serving with?

Members will be exposed to numerous professionals in the public health field. Depending on the host site, members may interact with case managers, physicians, nurses, health educators, program coordinators, and other host site staff. Members may serve a wide variety of populations and communities. 

Will I serve with other NHC members in my area?

Some host sites request more than one NHC member, so it is possible to be serving at the same site as another member. Even if you are not placed with another member, NHC is committed to building a strong team that supports each member throughout their term of service.  Monthly trainings, service projects, and committee meetings ensure that members interact with each other on a regular basis.

Will I get any time off?

NHC members are allotted unlimited personal/vacation/sick time and receive standard holidays. All requests for time off will be reviewed by the host site supervisor and the NHC Program Director for approval. Members will still need to complete the full 1,700 hours of service in order to complete their service term. NHC offers members many opportunities to make up hours if they take time off. 

Does NHC provide housing?

Our program does not provide housing.  If you are interested in living with a fellow NHC member or have any questions about living in any of the geographic areas where NHC operates, contact the NHC Program staff in that area


Can I go to work or school while serving with the National Health Corps?

In order to complete an NHC service term, members serve an average of about 37-40 hours per week at their host sites and participate in additional trainings, meetings, and service opportunities. Members are very busy during the service term, so while they may choose to work or attend school, it’s recommended that anyone interested in serving with NHC carefully consider the time required to commit to NHC before making other major commitments. 

Will I be compensated for travel?

All NHC members receive travel reimbursement from host sites for travel between host sites and community or program sites.  Some NHC programs or host sites provide travel reimbursement or public transportation passes for the length of a service term to assist with travel expenses between a member's home and host sites/program sites. Contact relevant program staff find out travel reimbursement details for each NHC program location. 

How does one receive the full AmeriCorps education award?

An NHC member who successfully completes their full term of service (1,700 hours, or 1,200 hours for NHC Delaware) in good standing is eligible for an education award, which can be used to repay eligible student loans or to pay all or part of the cost of attending a qualified institution of higher education (including certain vocational programs). An education award is available only after a member completes their term of service; it can then be accessed and managed for up to seven years through the My AmeriCorps portal. More information on the education award is provided to members once they begin and complete their term of service.