NHC Position Types

Care Coordinator

Care Coordinators serve patients and their families within clinical, community, and home settings by providing education on fostering healthy life choices and bringing balance between physical and mental health. Care Coordinators will conduct screening, assessments, outreach to, and follow up with patients to enroll them in community programs in order to increase engagement. Care Coordinators will also facilitate activities and classes to promote health and wellness.

Case Manager

Case Managers enroll individuals into health-related programs and services and track their progress.

COVID-19 Responder

COVID-19 Responders are core members of the teams that work to address the health of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their activities include responding to specific needs that arose or increased while primary focus has needed to be on slowing the spread of COVID-19. In this position, COVID-19 Responders will focus on unmet needs related to COVID-19 outreach, education, and services, preventive cancer screening, chronic disease control, behavioral health, pediatric immunizations, and other needs by conducting outreach to patients to address overall care gaps; providing coaching, education and additional resources aligned with patient needs and safety; and helping refer/schedule visits with clinic staff in person or by phone. COVID-19 Responders will also improve processes to design new workflows compatible with tele-health that support care management and improved patient outcomes.

Health Educator

Health Educators increase knowledge and use of healthcare services by promoting healthcare literacy and knowledge, providing healthcare access and advocating for patients. 

Outreach Coordinator

Outreach Coordinators expand the capacity, reach, and scope of the program.

Patient Navigator

Patient Navigators are important sources of information and services in the program, providing assistance to clients on how to access social services and benefits.