Integrative Services and Senior Patient Navigator (20580)

Position Status




NHC Position Type

Patient Navigator

Position Summary

The member will work with the Integrative Services AND the Social Services teams. Integrative Services: Our center offers a diverse list of programs that patients can be referred to by current providers within any department or choose a la carte based on their own interests and health needs. Although these services are offered within one building, many patients are not aware of the vast array of programs available, how to get involved or who to contact. Programs such as nutrition education, cooking classes, fitness and exercise classes, yoga, meditation, creative arts therapies groups, and other health education classes are offered. The core of the member’s responsibilities is to engage, inform, orient, link and register new and existing patients and community members to the myriad of integrated services and provide individual consults as needed to better support referrals and increase access to programs. By decreasing barriers and supporting recruitment and retention and ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care, the center can better meet the needs of such individuals.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Completing and submitting patient applications for social services and medication assistance programs. Following-up with patients to ensure documentation is completed. Coordinating with other programs to provide health classes. Recruiting clients to participate in health classes. Conducting outreach to patients via phone/letters.

Requires Personal Vehicle