NHC members help with COVID vaccination

NHC is proud to support nationwide efforts to prevent and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting health disparities. 

While all National Health Corps service activities include providing health and social service education and access to populations that are and continue to be disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. 


During the first half of Service Year 2020-2021 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, NHC members:

  • Distributed more than 14,000 COVID-19 vaccines 
  • Screened or tested more than 8,500 people for COVID-19
  • Provided immunization outreach to nearly 3,300 people 
  • Provided COVID-19 related education and outreach to more than 3,500 people

Additional vital services NHC members have conducted include: 

  • COVID-19 contact tracing  
  • Supporting schools and communities in disaster relief activities related to COVID-19 closures and social distancing procedures
  • Assisting community organizations or schools in maintaining a safe and educational environment for displaced individuals
  • Developing and implementing distance learning solutions for individuals, as well as engaging in these activities for the wider community affected by coronavirus closures 
  • Supporting local communities with food insecurity, social isolation, and social distancing appropriate service, including environmental, food pantry and housing support services

The pandemic required NHC members, staff, and host sites to do what they do best - "get things done" despite any obstacles in their way. Members contributed to COVID-19 response efforts through both in-person and remote service, and showed flexibility, adaptability, and creativity in finding ways to sustain and expand their community impact. Many members were on the front lines during the height of the pandemic, supporting their communities in addressing both direct and indirect effects through vaccine distribution, outreach, and education, building host site capacity to offer telehealth services, and increasing access to critical resources including food and medication. . 

NHC members continue to  support communities in a wide variety of ways during the COVID-19 pandemic  aftermath that has increased health disparities in our nation. Visit our Seeking Volunteers page if you think an NHC member may be able to help . 

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