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NHC Philadelphia members are serving communties throughout the city of Philadelphia. Member service focuses primarily on access to care and health education in various healthcare community organizations.


City of Brotherly Love

"Philly" is home to 1.5 million residents, fabulous and fiesty sports teams and fans, the Liberty Bell, the soft-pretzel and famous cheesesteaks and hoagies.  The history and character of our landmarks and people make this city an exciting place to live, serve and have fun!

Affordable Care Act

NHC Philly '15-16 members met with United States Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell to discuss how the Affordable Care Act has helped patients gain access to Care!

Philadelphia is an "Employer of Service"

Implemented by the former Mayor of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter, and the CEO of the Corporation for National & Community Service, Wendy Spencer. Learn more

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National Health Corps Philadelphia Blog

With knowledge comes choice, and with choice comes a healthier life.
Date of Publication: 12/11/2017
Author: cbass
"Whenever a patient comes to see me for prescription assistance, I use the interaction as an opportunity to connect the patient with services throughout the health center. By providing this extra support, I try to encourage patients to lead healthy lifestyles.”
Date of Publication: 12/07/2017
Author: cbass
“She communicates with her presence, if not her words, that she is in Tanya's corner.”
Date of Publication: 12/05/2017
Author: cbass
Allow me to be thankful for NHC by dedicating the rest of my 300- 500 words to the front desk staff at the Health Annex, my personal superheroes.
Date of Publication: 11/27/2017
Author: cbass
“My status as an outsider and stranger complicates an already difficult process of asking clients intimate questions about their medical and personal history. By affording clients as much agency as possible in our interactions, such as by adopting a harm-reduction approach to conversations about sexual activity and drug use, I collaborate with clients to begin the process of building up their autonomy in a carceral environment where it is regularly denied.”
Date of Publication: 11/20/2017
Author: cbass

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