National Health Corps Pittsburgh

The National Health Corps Pittsburgh is a program of the National Health Corps AmeriCorps program.  Since 1994, National Health Corps Pittsburgh (NHC Pittsburgh) has been managed through the Allegheny County Health Department, which fosters collaboration between members and agencies throughout the Pittsburgh area. NHC Pittsburgh is committed to decreasing disparities in local healthcare delivery systems and promoting health.  NHC Pittsburgh collaborates with a broad range of sites to ensure members are exposed to diverse opportunities in public health.  Sites typically include homeless clinics, schools, health centers, and community based organizations.  Site supervisors serve as mentors to their members and model professionalism and commitment to service and the community.

National Health Corps Pittsburgh members commit to 1700 hours of service over 46 weeks as outlined in the detailed service descriptions of each site.  They are also required to attend monthly member trainings and service projects, become involved in community activities, and connect with other local Corps.  A year of service in the NHC Pittsburgh helps members gain a better understanding of at-risk populations and the challenges and rewards of service to communities.  NHC Pittsburgh program staff respects the dedication and service of its members by providing the best AmeriCorps experience possible while the members are either considering or preparing for a career in a health-related field.  Hopefully this ensures that members have a life changing experience that will stay with them forever, helping them become compassionate service-oriented health care leaders in the future.