2019-2020 NHC Member Q&A

Q&A for Future Members


Q. Who joins NHC and where do they go after their year of service?

A. Our members come from all across the country and have a wide variety of educational backgrounds. Our members have gone on to graduate school, into the public health workforce, to other AmeriCorps programs and some have been hired by their host sites!

Q. What does a typical day look like for you?

A. The short answer is, there isn't one! Generally our roles fall into one of three categories: health education, healthcare navigation and community outreach, or a mix of the three. If you would like to chat with one of our current members about their daily roles, reach out to our Program Director Irving Torres!

Q. Can you live comfortably in Pittsburgh on the stipend provided?

A. Absolutely! Pittsburgh is a pretty affordable city in general and many of our members also receive SNAP to help pay for groceries. Some members also choose to live with each other to reduce rent costs.

Q. Do you need a car?

A. This is site dependent. Most of our members have a car but some also primarily use the bus system. Some sites will also reimburse for mileage or bus tickets.

Q. How did you choose your host site?

A. The best advice we can offer is to follow your passion! Each organization has a different culture, and each position addresses different populations or health challenges. We encourage you to read through the position descriptions carefully and choose those that intrigue you the most or you want to learn about the most.

Q. Will I have opportunities to volunteer outside of my host site?

A. Absolutely! Many members volunteer with other nonprofits across the city apart from their daily service. NHC members also participate in monthly service days where we come together to serve our community as a Corps.

Q. Can you work/take classes outside of NHC?

A. Some of our members have part time jobs to supplement their income while in NHC. Keep in mind though members commit to 1700 hours of service over the course of our ten months which is a full time load. It may be challenging to add a job or coursework to this schedule but it has been done before.

Q. For those applying to graduate school did you feel you had enough time/flexibility to dedicate to service and the application process/interviewing?

A. Definitely! Many of our members applied to and interviewed with graduate schools this year and felt they had enough time to dedicate to both service and these application processes. Host site mentors and our program staff are very understanding of the need to take time off for interviews and such.

Q. What is the dynamic of your Corps like?

A. You can choose to be as active or not active with your fellow members as you like but we are a relatively social bunch. We have a GroupMe with all of our members where we share fun events in Pittsburgh or off site hours service opportunities, memes and more.

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