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Thank you for your interest in National Health Corps (NHC)!

Please note the below guidance before applying:

1. If you have questions regarding the program, local operating or host sites, selection timelines, orientation, etc. please contact the program staff in the area where you’re interested in applying. Contact information can be found at

2.The National Health Corps currently has openings in every location for the 2019-2020 program year. These positions are available for placement at any time between now and August 21, 2020.

3. Open positions for the 2019-2020 program year can be found on each NHC local website using the links below. Note that the service term will be 46 weeks, starting on the date you begin service.



New York:



San Francisco:

4. Members who are interested in serving in the NHC 2020-2021 program year cannot begin service before August 22, 2020. Exact start dates vary per location.

5. NHC is now  accepting applications for the 2020-2021 program year!  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until all 119 NHC positions are filled.

Best of luck! We’re excited to learn more about you.