Applying to Become a Host Site

NHC Pittsburgh seeks diverse partnerships with community organizations and agencies.  In determining whether or not your organization would benefit from a NHC Pittsburgh member and be a benefit to the member, it is essential to review the specific needs of your organization and identify what activities your NHC Pittsburgh member would be involved in. Members should be provided with opportunities to conduct meaningful, relevant direct service such as access to care, insurance enrollment, case management, patient advocacy, outreach and/or health education. In recruiting sites, NHC Pittsburgh gives highest priority to those sites which provide direct services and activities in line with NHC’s performance measures and our mission to reduce health disparities and promote healthy individuals and communities.

The relationship that members have with site supervisors/mentors is extremely important. Site supervisors/mentors play a vital role in the members’ experience.  They provide direction, insight, and experience for the member in order to help them grow both personally and professionally. Mentors should be directly connected in some way to the member’s service activities, should be accessible and able to provide supervision on a regular basis, and need to be responsive to the reporting requirements NHC.

To sponsor a member a host site must submit a description of the health-related community need(s) the member will be addressing, responsibilities of the member, preferred skills to achieve the expected outcomes and agency contact information. A formal RFP process will begin in late Fall 2018 for 2019-2020 Host Sites. Applications are reviewed by a panel including Program Staff followed by a selection process and review period. Sites are awarded placement in early 2019. The final decision where a member will serve is made between the applicant and the host site through additional interviews.  Host sites contribute between $12,000-15,000 per member which is applied toward the program's operating budget as required by the federal guidelines.

For more information or to receive a copy of a host site application, please contact us at