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Pittsburgh Named Most Livable City in the U.S...AGAIN!

"Pittsburgh has been named the “most livable city” six times since 2000 by The Economist, Forbes and Places Rated Almanac. It also has landed on more than 200 “best” lists including “40 Prettiest Cities in the World”.


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National Health Corps Pittsburgh Blog

"As an investigator I have asked bridesmaids for information about their wedding party, had grandparents give me the phones numbers of their grandchildren and told college students they can’t go home for Thanksgiving. These conversations are difficult for me, and I can’t imagine how hard they are for the person on the other end of the line. It would be strange enough to ask a close friend for the names and phone numbers of everyone they interacted with last week, but it becomes even more uncomfortable when talking to a stranger, from a phone number with no caller ID, in the context of a global pandemic where some people are tired of COVID precautions, and when no one wants to be the reason their friends have to quarantine for two weeks."
Date of Publication: 11/25/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"Last Sunday, on my afternoon walk, it felt like I had the neighborhood to myself. I started wondering where all of my neighbors were. Why was I one of only a few people outside on a beautiful sunny afternoon?"
Date of Publication: 11/10/2020
Author: Anonymous
"With recent news of the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many other innocent black lives lost to racism, systemic inequities, and police brutality, it is now more important than ever to practice anti-racism. Simply being “not racist” is not enough. White people have benefitted from the systemic inequities and racism that is the foundation of the United States i.e. White Privilege (Collins, 2018)."
Date of Publication: 06/19/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"This is a short example of learning from the bottom up about the systemic inequalities which exist in our healthcare system. It takes much longer than an hour to build a relationship with a patient who has a barrier built on a long history of macro and microaggressions which led to this point. Being an NHC member gives you privileges not available to clinicians with even the purest of motives, such as spending long amounts of time with patients."
Date of Publication: 05/06/2020
Author: Irving.Torres
"You see, when public health is working you don’t actually see it, in my opinion, making it hard for people to pay close attention. Today, everyone around the world can see public health. During this pandemic, we have learned terms “social distancing” and “flatten the curve”—part of the public health magic."
Date of Publication: 04/22/2020
Author: Irving.Torres

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