Philadelphia Members

During my term with NHC Philly I hope to gain the skills to work to aid those from backgrounds/with experiences I'm unfamiliar with

During my time with NHC Philly I want to improve my patient interaction skills in a health care setting

I hope to pratice spanish language skills. I also hope to develop new ways of record keeping and making it more habitual.

Some skills I am hoping to learn or gain during my term with NHC Philly are leadership and confidence in workplace.

I hope to gain skills in health care literacy as well as communication and strong work habits.

I'm hoping to gain skills in health education and public health through engaging with the community.

This year I hope to get a better understanding of the health care system, skills in communication, and in health education.

Since I want to become a social worker eventually, I hope to gain more skills and experience working with vulnerable populations in a healthcare setting

During my year of service I'm hoping to learn advocacy skills; learning the philly low income resource network to better advocate for patients.

I'm hoping to improve my Spanish skills and gain better knowledge of insurance and health care system during my time with NHC Philly.

I would like to expand my knowledge of the communities that I will be working with and learn how to adjust my skillset to best fit their needs, specifically communication.

Some skills I'm hoping to learn during my service term are Spanish fluency (specifically speaking skills), advocacy, and policy making.

One thing I hope to gain during my service term is experience working with different patient populations.

During my service term I hope to improve my Spanish fluency and communication skills.

Some skills I'm hoping to gain and improve this service year are navigating the healthcare system, understanding how a community health center works, and improving interpersonal skills with patients

I hope to improve my critical thinking and problem solving skills as I work with families to overcome the various challenging barriers to accessible healthcare.

I'm hoping to improve my Spanish speaking and writing skills, health communication skills, and education skills during this term of service with NHC Philly.

Working one on one with individuals and community members in a professional setting and improving my interpersonal communication especially with individuals who come from diverse backgrounds, are my goals for the service term.

During the service term, I am hoping to further develop my communication skills with patients and community members coming from diverse backgrounds and holding different perspectives than myself. Additionally, I am really excited to become engaged in and serve the Philadelphia community, learning more about the inner workings of their health care system.

I hope to continue to develop culturally sensitive communication skills during my service term. I also hope to learn more strategies for remaining adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges.

I'm hoping to improve my skills in communication, especially in the health care field and I also hope to learn more about health disparities and how I can improve them.