Frequently Asked Questions - Philadelphia

Our program does not provide housing.  However, in the past the members that relocate from out of state have used Craigslist or an apartment guide to find housing.  If members are interested in a fellow-Philadelphia Health Corps roommate, they can let the Program Director know and she will share email addresses and contact information so they can correspond.

Members will be exposed to numerous professionals depending on the site they serve at.  Members may interact with case managers, physicians, nurses, health educators, social workers and program coordinators, among others. Members may also work with Clients or Patients who identify as homeless, uninsured, are children, elderly, lower income, living with HIV/AIDS, and/or disabled, among others.

Many Philadelphia Health Corps host sites have two members. Additionally, there are ongoing service opportunities for the entire Corps, as well as member meetings, service projects, and committee work to ensure that members interact on a regular basis.

No.  Members are expected to serve for the entire contracted term of 46 weeks. The agreement with the host sites is that they will have a full time member for the entire term of service. Members who leave the program early will not receive their entire living allowance. 

The Philadelphia Health Corps does allow for members to work and/or attend classes during their year of service if it does not conflict with their ability to maintain their regularly scheduled service hours and in-service training. However, members are very busy with service, meetings, trainings, committees, and events. This makes it very hard to work or attend classes at the same time. Although it is not impossible to work or attend classes while serving, your commitment to the program requires your attendance at Corps meetings/events/trainings. The commitment is about 40 hours per week for service at your host site. 

Members receive 15 personal days off each service term. These 15 days include personally requested time off, sick days, and any time needed for medical/graduate school interviews. Additionally, the  members are also off for federal holidays.  These include the following: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Each host site creates their own schedule for the member at the beginning of the service term.  Most members typically serve 8am to 5pm, but may have classes or activities that occur in the evenings or on weekends to meet the needs of their clients or patients. Members serve full time at their host sites. Members also serve additional hours each month through group service projects and committees. These projects usually occur in the evenings and/or on the weekend. Members are expected to serve 40 hours at their site each week in order to complete the 1700 hours within the 46 week term. The site is expected to also provide the member with 40 hours of service weekly.

A typical day depends on the site to which a member is assigned.  As candidates go through the interview process, they learn more about the various sites and the opportunities at each.  In our program, members choose the site in which they serve from among those that are available to them. 

Philadelphia Health Corps members serve a 46 week term of service. The term will begin in early September and end in late July.