About Us

The National Health Corps (NHC) is an AmeirCorps program administered by The Health Federation of Philadelphia, and implemented by operating sites in in six regions of the United States: Chicago, Hudson Valley/Long Island New York, North Florida, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco.

The mission of NHC is to foster healthy communities by connecting those who need it most with health and wellness education, benefits and services, while developing tomorrow’s compassionate health leaders.

NHC members complete at least 1,700 hours of service during their service terms, which usually last 42-46 weeks, in support of this mission. Members conduct service activities at NHC partner organizations, called “host sites,” that typically focus on one or more of three main focus areas:

1) addressing the opioid and prescription drug overuse crisis,

2) increasing older adults’ ability to remain in their homes with the same or improved quality of life for as long as possible; and

3) increasing physical activity and improving nutrition with the purpose of reducing obesity and related chronic conditions.

Members are assigned a host site mentor who provides the member with mentorship and access to training/professional development opportunities at the host site. Members also participate in ongoing training, professional development, team-building, and opportunities for additional outside/group service and committee activities. NHC and its partners strive to ensure that members can contribute substantively to the capacity and reach of their host sites, and have a rewarding experience that exposes them to a variety of health-focused careers and settings.

To learn more about each NHC program, please visit the local NHC sites listed below: 

Chicago: http://www.nationalhealthcorps.org/chicago/

Florida: http://www.nationalhealthcorps.org/north-florida/

New York: https://www.hrhcare.org/americorps/

Philadelphia: http://www.nationalhealthcorps.org/philadelphia/

Pittsburgh: http://www.nationalhealthcorps.org/pittsburgh/

San Francisco: https://www.sfccc.org/americorps-nhc

Apply now at  https://application.nationalhealthcorps.org/