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Over the course of the service term, members participate in a variety of activities in addition to their Host-Site Service, including Pre-Service Orientation, Training, Member Meetings, Local Service Projects, Member Committees, Administrative Responsibilities, Volunteer Recruitment, a mid-year Retreat, and an end of year Recognition Ceremony.

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Serve in the National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program located in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida!



The Corps members take on a ropes course during pre-service orientation!

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National Health Corps Florida Blog

At JASMYN, we do not merely hold the space, but intentionally create the space where clients can express themselves without fear of judgment. This ability -- to foster empathy, to maintain composure, to be an effective support system -- is one I have been able to develop during my service term with JASMYN, and I know it will continue to be a vital skill throughout my public health career.
Date of Publication: 02/17/2021
Author: darceneaux
I provide education to promote a healthy pregnancy, child development, and client’s wellness. In addition, I offer one-on-one visits for clients interested in nutrition and exercise. I was eager to take on the task of assisting the client apply for childcare for her 3 month old baby. Yet, little did I know how challenging it would be. What I initially envisioned to be a quick home visit, developed into a need for support in other areas of the client’s life.
Date of Publication: 02/10/2021
Author: darceneaux
Insulin is extremely expensive (it can cost more than $1000 per month), but our clients without insurance are able to receive their insulin for free directly from the manufacturer. One challenge facing many of our patients is that insulin must be refrigerated, and many of Sulzbacher’s patients are homeless and lack reliable access to a refrigerator.
Date of Publication: 01/27/2021
Author: darceneaux
I serve as a health educator at Tiger Academy, a free, public charter school on the Northwest side of Jacksonville, Florida. In my position, I have the flexibility to bring my passions inside the classrooms and provide more opportunities for learning to the students. Compared to private schools, many public schools do not have the funds to implement Spanish as an elective for their students, especially starting at such a young age.
Date of Publication: 01/15/2021
Author: KRoussel
I connect with and provide case management to the male partners of these women in order to support clients on a more holistic family level. In my efforts to recruit and manage the caseload of fathers in our program, I assist them with setting and keeping track of goals that are important and relevant to them.
Date of Publication: 01/15/2021
Author: KRoussel

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