How to Apply

The NHC Florida seeks numerous and diverse partnerships with community organizations and agencies in the North Florida area.  Successful partnerships are ones that provide the NHC Florida member the opportunity to provide full-time, direct service activities that expand the capacity of the organization and align with the NHC mission over a 46-week service term.  The NHC Florida program evaluates host site applications based on community need, quality and feasibility of service activities, alignment with NHC performance measures, organizational infrastructure and commitment to the mentoring and professional development of the member.  Organizations that serve as NHC Florida host sites make a cash contribution per member, which is applied toward the program’s operating budget. The NHC Florida is looking to increase its effectiveness through the addition of new community partnerships

NHC Florida Application Information:

  • Application Information
  • January 2019: Application is available 
  • February 2019: Applications due
  • March 2019: Applications are reviewed 
  • March 31, 2019: Host Sites are notified of their selection status

*Application timeline may be extended to recruit additional quality sites, if needed. 

Things to Consider Before Applying:

  • NHC Florida host sites must be categorized as a nonprofit 501(c)3 or public agency.
  • NHC Florida members are not students, interns, employees, or volunteers, but rather people who have chosen to commit a year of their lives to service and helping underserved communities as AmeriCorps members. NHC Florida members bring energy, commitment and creativity to the agencies where they serve.
  • The relationship that members have with site mentors is also extremely important. Site mentors play a vital role in the members’ experience. Site mentors provide direction, insight, and experience for the member in order to help them grow both personally and professionally. Site mentors will be directly connected in some way to the member’s service activities, be accessible and able to provide supervision on a regular basis, and be responsive to the reporting requirements of the NHC Florida.
  • Member service activities must include direct service. Direct service activities are hands-on and relate to the core of an organization’s mission.  Direct service means that members have regular person-to-person, face-to-face contact with patients, clients and community residents and that the members’ service directly impacts the individuals being served. For examples of direct service activities, take a look at our current position descriptions.
  • Member service activities must not replace or displace an existing employee or volunteer, or fill a vacant position that was held by a salaried or wage employee within the last six months.

For more information, please contact NHC Florida Program Director, Dustin Arceneaux at or 904-516-8913