Frequently Asked Questions - Florida

Our program does not provide housing. However, once accepted as an NHC Florida AmeriCorps member, Program Staff will offer tools that allow members to connect with each other to find roommates, as well as offer tips for finding affordable housing in Jacksonville. Staff is willing to assist members to ensure that securing housing is a smooth process.

Members will be exposed to numerous professionals depending on the site at which they serve.  Members may interact with case managers, physicians, nurses, health educators, program coordinators, etc. The clients a member may work with may include: homeless individuals, uninsured individuals, children, elderly, poor and/or low-income individuals or families, clients with HIV/AIDS, disabled individuals, etc.

Some of our host sites request one member.  However, some request more than one, so it is possible to be serving at the same site as another member. There are always ongoing service opportunities for the entire Corps; plus, monthly meetings, service projects, and committees ensure that members interact on a regular basis.

Members are expected to serve for the entire contracted term of 46 weeks. The agreement with the host sites is that they will have a full-time memberfor the entire term of service. If a member plans on finishing early, this should be addressed before service begins. Members who finish early will not receive their entire stipend/living allowance.

The National Health Corps Florida does allow for members to work and/or attend classed during their year of service. However, the NHC members are very busy with service, meetings, trainings, committees, and events. This makes it very hard to work or attend classes at the same time. Although it is not impossible to work or attend classes while serving, your commitment to the program requires your attendance at corps meetings/events/trainings. The commitment is roughly 35-40 hours per week for service at your host site.

Members receive 15 personal days off each service term. These 15 days include personally requested time off, sick days, and any time needed for medical/graduate school interviews. Additionally, the NHC Florida AmeriCorps members receive 10 pre-set AmeriCorps holidays throughout the service term.

Members are assigned site mentors to help them develop professionally and personally.  They work closely with members, providing them with opportunities, assistance, and feedback.  Site mentors also supervise members, oversee their day-to-day activities, and sign member timesheets and service activity logs.

Each host site creates their own schedule for the member at the beginning of the service term. Most members typically serve 8am to 5pm, but may have classes or activities that occur in the evenings or on weekends to meet the needs of their clients. Members serve full-time at their host sites and also serve additional hours each month through group service projects, committees, and outside service and trainings. These projects are usually occur in the evenings and/or on the weekend.

The service term begins the Tuesday after labor day in September and continues for 46 weeks, ending late July.

The program opens the application sometime in early March each year through the AmeriCorps website. Applications are accepted on a continuous basis, and interviews for potential members usually begin in April.  It is suggested that you apply as early as possible.

The application will open in March and remain open until all positions have been filled.  Typically, all positions are filled by August.

Members take a variety of paths following their service term.  Some do another term of service with AmeriCorps, enter the work force in health or community-related fields, go to medical or graduate school, get a Master’s in Public Health, or enter programs for other health-related degrees.