Benefits of Serving

NHC Florida AmeriCorps members are required to perform 1700 hours of service over the course of 46 weeks to successfully complete their term of service and to be eligible for an education award.  In return for serving, NHC members receive:

  • $13,992 living allowance (annual gross amount distributed bi-weekly)
  • $6,095 education award upon successful completion of program (which can be accessed for up to 7 years to pay back qualified student loans or for future education expenses)
  • Loan forbearance on qualified student loans while enrolled in the program (if a member completes their term of service, they are eligible to have the National Service Trust pay up to 100% of the interest that accumulated on qualified student loans during service.)
  • NHC members are eligible for health insurance coverage
  • Child care allowance, if applicable
  • Local Travel Reimbursement, if applicable
  • Networking opportunity and future job leads
  • Extensive training and support
  • Real-world experience
  • Chance to make positive, life-changing differences in people’s lives

The NHC Florida does not provide housing for members although staff will assist in providing housing resources.