Anna Feldkamp

What are you most looking forward to this service year?

I'm most looking forward to building relationships with the youth and communities I'm serving as well as collaborating with other motivated and passionate service members!

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?

My career goals include empowering, mobilizing, and supporting comprehensive community-based approaches in health in order to confront health inequities and create more responsible systems of care. I hope to achieve these by pursuing a joint MD-MPH program with a concentration in community health sciences.

I'm interested in learning about...

I'm interested in learning more about the effects of systemic racism, mass incarceration/school-to-prison-pipeline, and other public health crises that create and reinforce health disparities in Chicago.

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences from Univesity of Chicago



Home Town:
Cincinnati, OH
Host Site: