Meet NHC Chicago ‘19-20 Thwisha Sabloak!

Hi everyone! My name is Thwisha and I recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in May 2019. I majored in Biology and had minors in Anthropology, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Soon, I will begin medical school in August 2020, but before I begin, I wanted to take the opportunity to serve directly within the community. Although I participated in several activities associated with community engagement throughout my undergraduate years, I knew that a term with National Health Corps (NHC) Chicago AmeriCorps would provide me with unparalleled insight I had yet to receive from some of my other positions.

I am confident that my service year will bring me the chance to develop a better understanding of community needs. By serving in a full-term, year long position at my service site, I hope to see what the reality of medicine looks like for many members of our community. I will be serving with NHC Chicago at a federally qualified health center, where I believe I will learn about many of the hidden barriers that prevent uninsured and underinsured populations from receiving comprehensive health care. I want to take all of the knowledge I gain this year with me so I can work to expand health equity as best as I can as a physician.

Additionally, I am incredibly excited for the personal growth I anticipate will occur throughout this service year. I am going to be packing my bags and moving to a city where I have no relatives and have never lived before. Although, this factor is a bit intimidating for me, I believe I will be pushed out of my comfort zone to embark on experiences I may have been too nervous to take on before. Chicago is also the perfect city for a foodie like me. I can’t wait to create a restaurant bucket list and check off some places with all the new people I will meet here!

This blog post was written by NHC Chicago 2019-20 member Thwisha Sabloak.

Thwisha is a Health Educator at Heartland Health Center- Hibbard/Lincoln Square.