Lizzet Suarez

Educational background: B.S. in Health Sciences and a minor in Biology from James Madison University.

What is your title and role at your host site?

I’m going to be an Outreach Coordinator at Women for a Healthy Environment!

Why did you join AmeriCorps/National Health Corps?

In searching for post-grad plans I knew that service had to be at the core of my next step. I wanted something that combined direct service and public health. I came across AmeriCorps and then eventually NHC. It was the perfect fit and I’m incredibly excited for this upcoming year!

What are you hoping to gain from your year of service?

I’m hoping to gain real world perspective of the health inequities that exist in our very own backyards. In serving as a health educator I’ll be able to put what I’ve learned at school to work. I want to come out of this year better equipped to continue to serve those that need it the most.

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?

I’m either going to apply directly to other health positions or apply to graduate school. I want to eventually continue my education and obtain my Masters in Public Health.

Where do you envision yourself in 5 years?

I hope to have my Masters degree in Public Health, working at a non-profit committed to the community it’s serving.

Home Town:
Leesburg, VA
Host Site: