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Since it's inception in 1994, National Health Corps Pittsburgh has been managed through the Allegheny County Health Department to address unmet health needs in the Greater Pittsburgh area.  Although Pittsburgh is known for medical breakthroughs such as the Salk polio vaccine and the first heart lung transplant, there are many high risk populations and health disparities in the region.  Members come to Pittsburgh from all over the country with backgrounds and interests in public health, medicine, nursing, dental health, social work, international health, and education.  Our broad mission of improving public health ensures a diverse Corps of members and partner sites.  

A year with National Health Corps Pittsburgh (NHC Pittsburgh) is not “work” but “service.”  Those who serve with NHC Pittsburgh are not “volunteers” or “employees” but “members.”  This is a unique experience that combines service opportunity with mentoring and support while developing leadership skills for a career in a health-related field.  Members have reported that a year of service with NHC Pittsburgh has provided them with exposure and leadership opportunities in ways they never imagined at their current level of education.  NHC Pittsburgh members take seriously the AmeriCorps motto:  “One year to make a difference, one chance to make your mark, one experience that will change your life.” 

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