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Pittsburgh Named Most Livable City in the U.S...AGAIN!

"Pittsburgh has been named the “most livable city” six times since 2000 by The Economist, Forbes and Places Rated Almanac. It also has landed on more than 200 “best” lists including “40 Prettiest Cities in the World”.


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"When I first joined National Health Corps, I was excited for the new perspectives and experiences I would be exposed to, but I had no idea the extent of the web work of opportunities that immediately fell into my grasp. As I began to find my interests as I settled here in Pittsburgh, I had the privilege to explore events and organizations that aligned with my career goals, and much to my surprise, plenty that also sparked new interests. National Health Corps has given me everything I sought out for my year of service; direct contact with local communities, an extensive network for professional development, and unending sources of inspiration."
Date of Publication: 03/14/2019
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"Before beginning my term as a National Health Corps Pittsburgh member, I was often asked, 'So, what exactly are you doing this year?' While the details of the daily activities as a Patient Navigator remained cloudy, I felt confident describing my 10 and half month engagement with National Health Corps as a 'service year.' However, throughout the first half of this program, I have realized that working in a health related profession is a life-long continuation of a 'service year'. I have observed this in all aspects of my experience, from the daily work that I do at the Lawrenceville Family Health Center to my community volunteer projects and health education opportunities. I am continuously surrounded by a community of people that have made a commitment to serving others."
Date of Publication: 03/07/2019
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"The age old debate of nature vs. nurture has always been one of interest to me. The basic dilemma that I have continued to deliberate is as follows: Am I shaped by my environment and how I was brought up, or am I a product of a multitude of hereditary factors? Although it is widely accepted that the nature of our beings is an intricate combination of the two, the realization that my “nurture” is often quite different than that of others was something that started to intrigue me."
Date of Publication: 02/22/2019
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"As a Community Health and Prevention Coordinator serving at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, much of my work revolves around supporting after-school programs on health and wellness initiatives. Specifically, I help implement a national program called Healthy Out-of-School Time (HOST for short) at after-school programs all throughout Allegheny County. The aim of HOST is to provide support to out-of-school time sites so that they can create healthier out-of-school time environments for their kids. Participation in the program is free, which is essential, as the after-school sites I work with are often extremely underfunded and under-resourced."
Date of Publication: 02/14/2019
Author: Rebecca.Russell
"As a Patient Navigator on Squirrel Hill Health Center’s mobile medical unit, I travel to areas of Pittsburgh that are home to some of our city’s most underserved populations. In any given two-week period, we visit two neighborhoods of predominantly Nepali-speaking Bhutanese refugees, two predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhoods, a behavioral health center, an opioid addiction recovery center, and an old Pittsburgh steel community. Each of these sites is located in an area of the county where access to primary care services is severely limited."
Date of Publication: 02/06/2019
Author: Rebecca.Russell

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