Lauren Savino


Educational Background
BS public health at the college of charleston

Why did you join NHC?
As I continue to grow in my knowledge and experience in health, I am interested in exploring all the avenues that community health offers. By serving with NHC I am able to not just address the healthcare needs of the population, but also many other factors such as homelessness and food insecurity that all play a role in an overall health of a person.   

What are your plans after NHC?
To continue my education at the graduate level.

What sparked your interest in community service?
I went on a Mission trip to Costa Rica where I served in a small town and people lived in uninhabitable conditions.   The first thing we did was hand out tooth brushes and the reactions we received were one's of hope and gratitude.  The kids hugged us and wouldn't let us leave and the adults blessed us and thanked us immensely.  It made me realize what may seem like a small act to us, such as handing out a toothbrush, was a sign of hope for someone else.  Being able to make someone's day a little brighter like that is a feeling I will never be able to replace. 

What excites you the most about serving in Philadelphia?
Exploring a cultural and diverse city. 

What is your favorite food?
Pasta, pasta, pasta

Home Town:
Ridgefield, CT
Host Site: