Baptist Health's Gift To Me

Baptist Health has had more than 5000 team members complete this two-day experience

I recently had the privilege to attend a two-day workshop through my host site, Baptist Health- Social Responsibility Department. When this opportunity was brought up to me I wasn’t told much about it, only that my mentor, Lynn Sherman, was a facilitator.

I later realized that the lack of information I was given was on purpose. So like any millennial would do next, I searched on Google to find out more.

After reading about the program, I was concerned. Not about the program itself, but about whether or not I would benefit from it. I was worried that since I would be showing up as a Health Educator with National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps and not as an individual experienced in her career, I would be missing out on what others were going to gain from the experience. Having this concern didn’t mean I wasn’t excited to go, I was just as eager to attend.

My concern vanished once I realized that I would be benefiting from the experience just as much as the other Baptist team members. The end results aren’t just meant for immediate use- what people gain from this experience is meant to stay with them throughout their life. That is why I am able to take what I have learned and use it as I get ready to enter my career.

Remember when I said that me not being told about what I was going to be doing at Spirit of CareGiving® was on purpose, it’s so people can experience it for themselves. I too want you to be able to have your own experience with this journey.

Want to learn more? You too can Google search it:

It’s My Story-
I am from Shawn and Karin
I am from the Midwest, a small town in NW Indiana and Chicago Suburbs
& I am from the 90’s, the best time to be born.

I am going to make the most of every day
I am going to be confident
I am going to accept challenges
I am going to make a difference
I  am going to stay motivated to further my education
I am going to accept those who aren’t accepted by others
& I am going to be less afraid of the unknown.

I will be there when I am hopeful everyday will be a good day
I will be there when I speak my mind even when there will be others that disagree
I will be there when I see the difference I’ve made first hand
I will be there when I get accepted into graduate school
& I will be there when I can say with confidence that I am not afraid of the unknown.









This blog post was written by NHC FL member, Lauren Kroeger. 

Lauren serves at Baptist Health- Social Responsibility Department as a Health Educator.