Serve in Beautiful Jacksonville, Florida!

Serve in the National Health Corps Florida AmeriCorps program located in the beautiful city of Jacksonville, Florida!



The Corps members take on a ropes course during pre-service orientation!

Getting Things Done in North Florida


NHC Florida members build lasting friendships!

Meet Our 2017-2018 NHC Florida AmeriCorps Members!

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National Health Corps Florida Blog

"While it may be the month of Thanksgiving, keep in mind that a healthy diet and physical activity can take you a long way."
Date of Publication: 11/17/2017
Author: Snelson
"By making an effort to genuinely listen to and understand my students, I was able to break boundaries between us and build good relationships."
Date of Publication: 11/14/2017
Author: Snelson
"Recently I asked our twenty-seven Members who were actively serving during Irma if there was anyone in particular who deserved a shout out. On behalf of all of us here are twenty-seven people, places, and things that we want to recognize for going above and beyond during a time of crisis."
Date of Publication: 11/09/2017
Author: Snelson
"Sorority girls, soldiers, retired businessmen, and National Health Corps members all serving together, not because we had to be there, but because we wanted to make a stranger’s day better by giving them a meal - and that is worth waking up early for on a Saturday."
Date of Publication: 11/07/2017
Author: Snelson
"Altogether, Jacksonville has quickly grown on me and like for my father, has become a second home. Since I love being active and going outdoors, Jacksonville has turned out to be a great city to satisfy my need for fresh air with beautiful parks, kayak-friendly rivers, and beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see."
Date of Publication: 10/17/2017
Author: Snelson

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