Christina Baum

What are you most looking forward to this service term?
I am most excited for establishing relationships with patients and to implement my problem-solving skills to best improve the quality of life for those around me. There are an immense amount of barriers within Chicago for people to receive medical treatment or guidance, and I cannot wait to contribute to the dissolution of such obstacles by establishing trust between myself and the patients. Diabetes is a disease that disproportionately affects communities across racial and socioeconomic line; being an ally for these marginalized communities will allow for all parties to benefit both in the near and distant future.

What are your plans after AmeriCorps service?
I aspire to be a women's correctional medicine physician in which I can overlap my passions of science and social justice to maximize my contribution to the well-being of marginalized individuals, especially within a system of oppression. I am eager to be a physician that focuses on what the job should be about, improving the livelihoods of those that need it most, and utilizing my knowledge and experiences to provide holistic treatment.

I am interested in learning about...
I am interested in learning about the barriers that are present in health such as racial, religious, and cultural. Substance abuse and the opioid crisis are of extreme interest to me as well.

Educational Background:
Bachelor's in Biology and Religious Studies

Gender Pronouns:


Home Town:
Cary, IL
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