A Positive Change in the Food World

The newest and coolest partnership at Advocate Trinity is their collaboration with the Farmer’s Market sponsored by Cristina’s Foods. They are now going into their second year of partnership with hopes of the same success or better from the first year. The community health department is the first organization on the southeast side of Chicago to bring fresh fruits and vegetables into this underserved neighborhood. A couple of the reasons this is exciting is because the people in the community get the opportunity to live better and healthier lives. By providing healthy, nutritious food, these markets can also begin to address the food scarcity and insecurities. Farmer’s Market comes out twice in the summer where they meet at Advocate Trinity’s parking lot. I can proudly say that members in the community gladly look forward to it!

Another great collaboration or partnership is with Compassion Baptist church. This church is apart of one of the faith based organizations at my host site called Partners for Faith and Health Network. This organization allows us the opportunity to use their sanctuary to host some of our biggest events such as Go Pink for breast cancer awareness, Go Red for heart disease awareness and our Men’s Health event. However, this year for the Men’s Health event, it will be held at a new partnership we have with the Kroc center. The Kroc center was also where Advocate Trinity recently had an event called Healthy Living targeted for individuals with hypertension, pre-diabetes and diabetes in hopes of discontinuing the daily medication use they take for their health condition.

This blog post was written by NHC Chicago 2017-18 member LaKeah Coleman.

LaKeah is a Patient Naviagtor with Advocate Trinity Hospital.