Espirit d'Corps and Teamwork From The Beginning

Espirt d’Corps, team work, collaboration are all synonyms for what National Health Corps members embody as a whole. As a second year AmeriCorps member, collaboration and support from those around you is what aids in being successful in a year of service. Going from a VISTA to an NHC Chicago member was a complete 180 in the community sense. Within six weeks, I gained a cohort of amazing women and Zach!

The supportive, caring and open environment of this cohort, has given me a sense of  stronger community building and has reiterated the importance of community when it comes to the overall health of an individual. As a NHC Chicago Health Coach through Heartland Health Centers Albany Park, the support of my fellow members has given me another place to implement the collaboration spirit in a health setting. Albany Park is known as a collaboration center and innovative space, by having multiple providers under one roof. With six providers that range from family medicine, OBGYN, psych and specialty care and full teams under them to provide comprehensive care to patients Albany Park is a unique space where camaraderie is key.

Being in both settings, where relationships are valued and nurtured with our teams and patients, I know this is what healthcare in America is supposed to look like. With three other members in Heartland Health Center, I feel even more supported when it comes to my specific position. I know there are three others I can reach out to at any time and they will reach back. Feeling this support from my fellow members, cohort and clinic staff gives me the confidence to ask for help and provide the best care to those we see.

This blog post was written by NHC Chicago 2019-20 member Andrea Garcia Brown.

Andrea is a Health Educator at Heartland Health Center - Albany Park.